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Meet Robby Warren: Winner of Arlington’s Hot Wheels™ IndyCar Jr GP

20 July 2018

Just days before the IndyCar circus hit Texas Motor Speedway, many junior racers were duking it out on track at K1 Speed Arlington to become one of three finalists for the Hot Wheels™ IndyCar Junior Grand Prix powered by K1 Speed! At the end of the day, 13-year-old Robert “Robby” Warren, Jr. took the overall win, thus receiving an all-expense paid trip to California for himself and a parent/guardian to compete in the championship race in San Francisco this September!

We had a chance to get in touch with Robby’s father, David, to find out more about the speedy youngster. David and Robby answered these questions together via email, and we think you’ll love reading their story as much as we did!


K1 Speed: Are you folks from the Arlington area?   

David Warren: Robert Jr (Robby) was actually born in Arlington but we now live in Mansfield which is a neighboring town.


K1S: How long has Robby been karting?


DW: He got his first yard kart for Christmas in 2012.  He started racing at K1 Speed Arlington when it opened in early 2014. His first race there was March 2, 2014. He has continued to race there but has also been racing outdoor karts as well. He began racing Rotax Mini Max at North Texas Kartway back in the spring of 2015 with the Core Karting team. He has continued racing and is now running the X30-Junior class.


K1S: What prompted Robby to visit K1 Speed the first time?


DW: He has loved racing since he was a little kid. He was mesmerized anytime it was on TV. When we found out that there was an indoor kart track opening up close to home, it was too much to pass up.


K1S: How often does he visit K1 Speed?


DW: Since he is running a full schedule of club and regional outdoor races, he does not get to K1 Speed as often as in the past (which was quite often). The finals on Thursday night was his 64th visit and 260th race at the Arlington K1 Speed. He has also hit the K1 Speed track in AustinDallas, and San Antonio (soon to add San Francisco to the list).


K1S: What’s his favorite thing about K1 Speed?


DW: The rapid acceleration of the karts.


K1S: Has he done any Junior League races with us? Or enrolled in our Karting Academy before?


DW: Yes, he has competed for each season of the Junior League (until this year) since it started. He was the Arlington Jr League Champion in 2017. He has done the Karting Academy in the past with Patricio Jourdain.


K1S: How did your son find the competition? Hard? Fun? Both?


DW: Both. He said that it was fun because of the competition, and hard because he has raced against many of the drivers before and knew they were going to be tough to beat along with the talent coming in from as far away as Houston and Odessa


K1S: Does he have plans of becoming a professional driver?


DW: His dream is to become a professional race car driver. He loves math and plans to become a mechanical engineer with an emphasis in the automotive industry. That way if the driving does not work out, he can still make auto racing a career from outside the car (if not the next Jimmie Johnson, then maybe the next Chad Knaus).


K1S: Have you folks been to CA before? Have you been to an IndyCar race before?


DW: Yes, my wife and I both have visited California in the past, but the kids have not. We had not been to an IndyCar race prior to the most recent race at Texas Motor Speedway. We did however have the opportunity to watch them practice before the NASCAR truck series race in years past. He also has had the opportunity to meet Helio Castroneves last year at K1 Speed and had the chance run on our kart club track with former IndyCar driver Jack Hawksworth.


K1S: Does Robby follow racing? If so, favorite series and/or driver?


DW: Yes. He watches pretty much any type of racing, from karting to our local dirt track to the big boys on TV (IndyCar, NASCAR, and Formula 1). He is a big NASCAR fan and is an even bigger Jimmie Johnson fan.


K1S: When it comes to the final race in San Francisco, how are you liking his chances? Expect to win, or hope to win?


DW: Hope to win. All of the competitors are going to be really skilled, so it will be a challenge.




Robby will be joining our other finalists from ArlingtonIndianapolis, and the upcoming Toronto Qualifying Round this September 13th for the championship round at our South San Francisco location. Robby and the other two finalists from Arlington will have 2017 IndyCar Series Champion Josef Newgarden as their mentor.


If you live near Toronto, Canada you’ve still got a chance to join these talented young racers while there’s spots available! The Qualifying Rounds in Toronto will be held prior to the IndyCar race on Friday, July 13th. The three finalists from this event will be mentored by the exciting 2018 Rookie of the Year candidate Robert Wickens! For more information, CLICK HERE.

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