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Our Challenge GP racing league is the simplest, easiest way to get involved in competitive racing. If you’re interested in joining a karting club or have been looking for a racing league that allows participants to race on a budget, our various racing options are for you. What other racing league provides participants with their racing machine and gear, covers maintenance fees, and handles the track rental fees? At K1 Speed, becoming involved in our Challenge GP series is as easy as showing up. No other expenses are required but your simple and affordable entry fee, yet the competition is as fierce as that in any amateur racing league – the racing is competitive and exhilarating! If you’d like to take the next step on your path to competitive racing, get involved with one of the series below.
Our Challenge GP racing league is available at K1 Speed centers throughout the country. When the Challenge GP series was first envisioned, we wanted to create a means for enthusiasts of all backgrounds to take part in competitive racing on a modest budget. In fact, we have created what we feel is the most modestly budget racing series available in the United States. At every one of our centers, we have enthusiastic, talented, competitive individuals who take part in this multi-race series, and the races are genuinely thrilling. If you want to improve behind the wheel and experience genuine thrills, then the Challenge GP is for you. What other karting club can you join without owning a go-kart?Learn More about Our Challenge GP Racing League.
If you’d like your son or daughter to become involved in racing or a competitive league, our youth karting programs are a perfect opportunity. Youth sports leagues build discipline, character, sportsmanship, and self-responsibility. Entering your son or daughter into our youth racing league is a great way to help them develop, and provides you with an activity that you can share that is fun for the whole family. Our youth karting clubs aren’t available at every K1 Speed location; please contact your local K1 Speed track and inquire about availability. Learn More about Our Youth Racing Leagues.
Are you unsure whether your son or daughter is ready for our youth karting league? Or are you looking to hone your skills behind the wheel before taking part in our Challenge GP racing league? If so, we can help. Our race classes give you the knowledge and practical experience you need to develop as a racing driver, better understand how best to attack the track, and of course, lower your lap times. Work one-on-one with one of our experienced drivers. Learn More about Our Race Classes.
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